Best Camping Gear for 2021

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Whether you’re looking add new camping gear to your pack, replace items that have worn out, or want to give a great gift to your camping buddy, these tools and gadgets are designed for outdoor adventure!

Camping Gear to Add to Your Kit in 2021

Bug Bite Thing

You just can’t escape bugs when you spend time outdoors. Bug Bite Thing is a chemical free venom extractor that helps alleviate the pain and itching from bug bites. Easy to use and perfect to toss in a bag or backpack.

Para Kito Natural Insect Repellent

Probably the best natural mosquito repellent we have ever used! Easy to wear bracelets hold essential oil infused pellets that keep bugs at a distance. The roll-on gel is perfect for exposed ankles and the back of your neck. Repellent is DEET free and the wrist bands are available in adult and kids sizes in a variety of fun designs.

TP Kits

Nature’s call isn’t always convenient. 100% biodegradable TP Kits are resealable, waterproof, and portable. Perfect for backcountry camping, hiking, and long road trips!

NoSweat Hat & Helmet Liners

Easy to use NoSweat hat liners
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NoSweat hat liners wick away sweat protecting your eyes and saving your favorite hats from staining. Available in multiple fit types for everything from visors and cowboy hats to cycling helmets.

X Brew Coffee Dripper

An easy-to-use collapsible coffee filter with a reusable mesh filter – no paper filters necessary! Designed to fit over a cup or wide-mouth bottles for coffee on the go.

myCharge Adventure Portable Charger

The best charger we have found for outdoor adventure! Enclosed in a rugged, insulated case this charger is completely waterproof and can handle extreme temperatures. The attached carabineer easily attaches to a backpack, bike bag, or boat, keeping your charger safe and in easy reach.

BioLite Headlamp

Biolite Headlamp 330

Reliable hands-free lighting is key whether you are making a bathroom run in the middle of the night, lighting a shadowed hiking path, or cycling at any time of the day. BioLite rechargeable headlamps are comfortable to wear, made of wicking fabric, and available in multiple styles to suit any outdoor activity.

Grand Park 2 in 1 Pack by Outdoor Products

Perfect as a day bag for hiking, a pack for the beach, or just a bag to toss in your vehicle as you explore, this backpack will hold all your gear and has a zip-off cooler to keep food and drinks cold.

Somewear Labs Global Hotspot

When your adventures head off grid you still need a way to communicate in case of an emergency. The global hotspot from Somewear Labs features 100% global satellite coverage for use anywhere in the world. Monthly or annual data plans make this a safety tool any adventurer can use.

weBoost Cellular Signal Boosters

Drive X RV by WeBoost
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A strong internet connection is essential, whether you work from your RV or to just stay connected. weBoost cellular signal boosters amplify the the cellular signals around you, providing stronger data and clearer calls. The recently released Drive Reach RV offers a 74% distance increase from cellular towers as well as versatility in height configurations.

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