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Camping Apps You Must Download Before your Trip | Camping Tips

Last Updated on April 23, 2019 by Jody

Best Camping Apps to Download Before Your Trip

When it comes to camping apps, there are apps to help you plan and navigate as well as apps that offer ideas of things to do once you’ve set up camp.

Some of the best camping apps help you plan things to do on the way to your campsite, share where to hike, or help to locate free camping on public lands. From keeping an eye on the weather, to watching the night sky to first aid, there’s an app to help even the most inexperienced camper have a successful camping experience. These are the camping apps we don’t travel without.

The Best Camping Apps to Help You Plan Your Trip

Camping Checklist

This app provides checklists to ensure you never get stuck at a campground without your mattress pad, bug spray, or tent stakes.

Available on Google Play. A similar product is available for Windows.

Camping Recipe

From traditional trail mix and foil meals to Buckwheat Pecan Pancakes and Blackened Fish, you’ll find a variety of recipes that can be prepared in advance or at the campsite over a fire, on your camp stove, and in your Dutch oven.

You can download this free app on Google Play.

Camping Recipe App

The Best Camping Apps for Navigation


This app allows you to plan stops along your route by topic. Find roadside attractions, historical stops, or photo ops through this free app.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

CoPilot RV

Unlike a regular GPS that can lose service, the CoPilot RV app stores all your maps on your phone so you have access to your directions at all times. This app calculates your route from Point A to Point B based on your vehicle size and class to make navigation a breeze. Read our review of this app

Purchase this app on Google Play or iTunes.


iExit allows you to scout out businesses like Walmart, KOA’s, truck stops, and Cracker Barrels at exits along the Interstate in real-time. You can also view upcoming exits.

Available on Google Play and iTunes.

iExit app screenshot


Gas Buddy not only tells you where to find gas stations, it also tells you where to find the best prices on fuel which is very important when you’re driving an RV.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

The Best Apps for Finding Campgrounds

AllStays Camp and Tent

AllStays Camp & Tent lists over 21,000 searchable campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada, including public lands, national parks, and private campgrounds.

Available on iTunes

There is also an AllStays app (iTunes) to help you find a dumpsite for those days after you’ve been boondocking and RV camping.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

Search over 40,000 RV Parks and Campgrounds categorized by private campgrounds, public parks, military parks, and more. The app also provides information on RV friendly stores and fuel stops.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

US Public Lands

This app highlights public land owned by the US Federal Government that offers free or low-cost camping.

Available for purchase on Google Play and iTunes.

Campground Apps to help you find Specific Sites


KOA has over 500 tent and RV camping campgrounds. Search by campgrounds near you, by amenities, or book a stay.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

Passport America

This app shares campgrounds that participate in the Passport America program where members save 50% off campground rates.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

Passport America campground app

Want more?

Free camping apps recommended by Dang Travelers

The Best Camping Apps once you’ve Arrived at your Campsite


This app uses the GPS on your phone to deliver a list of nearby caches with directions to help you find them.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

First Aid

Created by the American Red Cross, this app provides basic first aid information on treating burns, sprains, and other emergencies with treatment information, videos, and diagrams.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

Red Cross First Aid App


Enjoy viewing the night sky with the SkyView free app that allows users to use their smartphone and tablet to identify stars, planets, and constellations.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.


Keep an eye on the daily and hourly forecast with Accuweather. Radar is also provided to track real-time weather.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.


This nature app allows you to identify the plants and animals you find while camping. Capture a photo and record your observations or crowdsource the identity of a item directly from the app.

Available on Google Play or iTunes.

Are your favorite camping apps on this list? What apps would you add?

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