How to Rent an RV with RVshare

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This is it! You are ready to plan your first RV vacation! But where do you begin? Who do you rent from? And how do you make sure you are getting the RV that is right for you?

My advice is to begin with RVshare to rent an RV.

Des Moines West KOA Holiday Iowa RV campground
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How to rent an RV

What’s so Great About RV Travel?

RV travel is, and will continue to be, a popular vacation option for the foreseeable future. The benefits of RV travel are many and include

  • a ‘comfort of home’ experience
  • the option to take the ‘entire’ family (ie: pets)
  • location independent work for those who have the flexibility
  • ability to save on vacation food costs by planning & packing meals
  • your journey is part of the vacation

Pro Tip: because of the increased interest in camping and RVing I recommend making your reservations as early as possible (for both campgrounds and RV rentals) to avoid disappointment.  

Why Use RVshare for Your RV Rental?

RVshare has over 100,000 camping vehicles available, both travel trailers and and drivable motorhome rentals. Because RVshare is the largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace it is easy to find a unit that fits your needs without traveling too far!

As an RV owner I have been using RVshare to rent my own RV to adventurers since 2015.

Thor Windsport Class A RV
Our Class A RV for delivery & set up in the Midwest

As an owner I love the easy to use format that allows me to connect with renters. For my renters I appreciate the straight-forward rental system that lets them see all costs in their quote – including insurance – upfront. There are no booking surprises when you use RVshare to rent an RV.

 How to Rent an RV with RVshare 

Are you ready to find the perfect RV for your vacation? 

Begin at and input your location, travel dates and number of travelers.

Pro Tip: You can drive or fly to your destination and pick up an RV locally! Just change your search to the location you want to pick up your RV!

RVshare website booking page select unit
RVshare search page

Your initial search will return the rental options available in your area on the dates you chose. You can now narrow your search by variants like price, towable or driveable RVs, and type, if delivery is available, if the unit allows pets, and more.

Pro Tip: Know the ‘classes’ of RVs

  • Class A motorhomes range in length from 21-40 feet. Built on a custom chassis, these units resemble a bus.
  • Class B motorhomes (aka camper vans) are customized from a panel truck or mini-bus shell. Smaller and very mobile, from 16-22 feet, these are terrific for couples.
  • Class C motorhomes are constructed on a van frame and have an over-cab sleeping area and wider body section attached to the front cab. Length varies from 22 – 35 feet. 
RVshare website booking page filters
RVshare search page filters

Click ‘see results’ at the top and your new RV selection will appear.

Click through the RVs to find the best option for you. Be sure to read the description, rules & policies, and rates carefully. 

When you have found the RV you are interested in, ask the owner any questions you have, or make a booking request (some RVs allow instant booking). You will be prompted to create an account.

RVshare RV information page
RVshare RV information & booking page

To request a booking: 

  • Complete the booking form including contact information, trip plans, insurance coverage, and payment.
  • Be sure to read the cancellation policy closely, and check all the information before you click the ‘Request to Book’ button.
  • You will be asked to verify your ID – this is a security measure to prevent fraud. This step has to be completed before you can finalize an RV rental.
  • The RV owner has 24 hours to respond to your request. 
  • All communication should take place via the RVshare platform. 
  • For your safety do not transfer money or communicate outside the website.
RVshare website booking page
RVshare booking page

Your reservation details page will show all your information, including the conversation with the RV owner. Be sure to ask any questions you have about the RV, the rental process, or anything else! 

RVshare website reservation details page
RVshare reservation details page

You will find that RV owners want you to have an amazing experience and will be happy to help you as much as they can!

Handy RV Rental Tips

Boondocking in Alabama Hills CA
Towable RV

Your want your RV rental to be comfortable for both driving and sleeping.

Be realistic about the length of RV you are comfortable driving or towing. Remember that a smaller RV often costs less but can also mean less space.

If you aren’t sure about a unit ask if you can see it and inquire about a test drive. If the unit is available most owners will arrange a meeting.

If renting a towable RV be sure to check your own vehicle’s towing capacity – then subtract a few hundred pounds for the items you plan to put into the trailer.

Expect a thorough RV lesson before you drive away. This can take 60-90 minutes and is very important. Ask questions and consider taking pictures or video with your mobile phone.

Review these RV safety tips. Remember that an RV is both a house and a vehicle so both driving and home safety are important.

What if I Don’t Want to Drive the RV?

Organ Pipe Cactus Campground
consider RV delivery and set

RV delivery, set up, and collection are an incredibly popular benefit of renting an RV. When searching for an RV to rent be sure to click the Delivery filter at the top of the page.

Each RV will list delivery options including additional costs (if any) and delivery range.

Pro Tip: When making your campground reservation be sure to mention that you are having an RV delivered to the site. And be sure to give all necessary check in information to the RV owner!

Know the Answers to These Questions When You Rent an RV

You should never be uneasy about your RV rental. Credible RV owners should be happy to answer these questions.

  • When was the RV serviced and will it be due for servicing during my rental? (Important to know for motorhomes)
  • How old are the tires and were they checked prior to my rental?
  • What is the tire pressure and where is the tire gauge?
  • What fuel does the motorhome use?
  • Is roadside assistance included in this rental? (RVshare includes roadside assistance with every rental!)
  • How big is the RV (height/ width/ length). Necessary for some bridges.
  • Where is the registration (in case of traffic violation or accident).
  • Is there an owners manual? Online videos? 
  • Who do I contact with questions or in case of emergency?
  • How do I get my security deposit back?
RV at Palo Duro State Park Campground. Photo by Jody Halsted, Halsted Enterprises, Inc.
Class C RV

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