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There are plenty of road trip apps, but as any RVer knows, a road trip app and an RV app are very different things! And the worst time to figure that out is when you’re in the RV on a road with a low clearance bridge and no place to turn around. That’s a nightmare!

We have been using the CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic app (Free download with 14 day trial, then in-app pricing -more on that below- via Google Play & App Store) for nearly 4 years and it has saved us from a few low clearances and costly RV roof repairs in that time.

Using the CoPilot RV App

Don’t wait until you’re on the road to set up the CoPilot app! I made this mistake and used a LOT of data downloading maps.

The first thing you will do, after creating your CoPilot account, is download the map you will need for your trip.

I love that you can download a complete map of North America, or just the portion you plan to travel.

Tip: with a subscription you can change maps at any time. CoPilot will remove the map you have downloaded and replace it with the new map- saving space on your device!

You have the option of saving these to your device’s internal storage or an SD card (if your device has one). This will allow you to use the maps even when you are offline- a huge bonus when you’re traveling in less-connected places!

Then you set your vehicle dimensions- don’t forget to include the length of your tow vehicle!- and weight.

After loading the map it is easy to set a destination, peruse route options, add stops, and get an idea of driving times.

CoPilot RV app set up
Setting up the CoPilot RV Navigation app

The Features We Liked in This RV App

We have found quite a bit to like as we’ve used this app.

I thought it was really nice that you could use the app beyond the RV- you can change your mode of transportation to car, motorcycle, bicycle, or even walking- making this a great app for exploring.

The Points of Interest (POIs) included in the app were quite helpful- especially when looking for a place to fuel up, stop for a break, or if you just want to explore a bit.

My husband really liked that the unit gave plenty of notice before an exit to make lane changes – as well as a notification that appeared at the top to let you know which lane you should be in.

I loved that the downloaded map kept my data from ‘pinging’ – saving both my battery and my precious gigabytes.

CoPilot RV app
Handy features in the Copilot RV app

The Feature We Wish This App Had

Though the app does list RV service centers, campgrounds, and rest areas, it does not list places where you can dump your tanks or fill your fresh water. That information would be especially handy.  (So I submitted that request via the ‘Map Feedback’ link in MyCoPilot settings.)

Planning a Trip With CoPilot RV App

Begin your trip planning by tapping the white button in the top left then choose Plan trip.

Choose your starting point, stops along the way, and ending points by adding addresses or using the web search option.

After inputting your information use the map feature to choose your best route.

Trip Planning with CoPilot RV app
Trip Planning with CoPilot app

I really like that you can zoom in and out on the map to add stops, check weather, or even avoid a specific road. You can even run a route demo or view a turn by turn list or map. And when you’re done the trip can be saved for future use. Handy!

What the CoPilot RV App Costs

The Co-Pilot GPS Navigation & Traffic app is free to download and offers full features in a 14 day trial, including offline navigation, route planning, and traffic updates.

A 12 month RV Navigation subscription is just $29.99.

You can subscribe at any time, but if no subscription has been made after the 14 day trial the only available function will be the ‘follow me’ feature with no planning or voice prompting.

Though I still haven’t utilized all the features in this app, it has proven itself to be a roof-saver and worth the cost.

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CoPilot RV Navigation app
CoPilot GPS RV app

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    1. Hi Norm. I did a quick navigation with my own app and it seemed to work.
      On the website it seems that Mexico is included in the North America map, though I am not sure if it includes full map coverage with speed limits, lane assist, and active traffic.

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