Why the USA National Parks Guide by Moon Should Be in Every Camper’s Library

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I love a great guidebook. But, lets be honest… It’s getting more difficult to find a truly outstanding guidebook. I didn’t expect to love the USA National Parks Guide by Moon – but once I opened it and started reading I was hooked!

Add the USA National Parks Guide by Moon to Your Library

At 718 pages this book is packed with experiences, tips, and facts on the 59 National Parks in the USA. It claims to be the ‘complete guide’ to the parks…. And I have to agree!

The Moon USA National Parks Guide should be in every camper's library!

Just a note...  Unlike many overview guides to USA National Parks, this Moon guide doesn’t include National Monuments, Historic Sites, Lakeshores, or other public lands overseen by the National Parks Service. 

USA National Parks Guide Highlights

No guidebook is complete without a listing of ‘must do’ experiences. And the Moon guide to all 59 National Parks leads with the Top 10 experiences across all the National Parks. 

But instead of leaving it there, the guide adds a few more ‘best of’ categories. Best hikes, best wildlife views, best scenic drives, and best parks for families are all highlighted. You’ll even get tips on where to take scenic (but safe!) photos.

The most helpful pages, though, are the ‘At a Glance’ guide. Here you’ll find each park’s location, main attraction(s), high season dates, fees, and the page number to begin your research. You’ll also be able to see, at a glance, if it is one of the most visited parks in the country- very handy to know when planning a camping trip!

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Using the Moon USA National Parks Guide

With only ten pages, on average, to devote to each National Park, the USA National Parks Guide is very thorough, including a spot to place your National Parks Passport Stamp, a brief overview, tips on how to plan your time, a 2-page map of the park, and ‘Top 3’ experiences. 

Moon USA National Parks Guide

Each chapter goes on, specific to each park, with tips on sights, hikes, and recreation, where to stay, and, for the most popular parks, how to avoid the crowds.

The author even provides tips on how to spend one day in each park. 

Moon USA National Parks Guide

You’ll also find that, though National Monuments and other sites are’t profiled, they do gain a mention- complete with visitor tips- if located near one of the National Parks.

Why Add The USA National Parks Guide to Your Library

This thorough book is a perfect companion as you plan National Park vacations.

The stunning images will excite the adventurer in you, and the useful tips, along with the ‘must do’ activities and attractions, are a perfect beginning point to work from as you plan your National Park Travels.

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