Camping Tips for Everyone is a no-guilt zone where glamping and ‘roughing it' co-exist without judgement and the only wrong way to camp is to not camp at all!

Our single goal is to help people love camping – and assist them in discovering their best way to camp!

Our Readers

Camping Tips for Everyone is read by both men and women (an even 50-50 split) at a variety of income levels and ages. Half of the website's readers have children.

Most of our readers are new to camping, or are exploring new ways to camp.

Before Pitching

Please familiarize yourself with our topics and articles that are already on the website before pitching.

DO send a well packaged pitch; sell us on your expertise and writing.

DO NOT send a generic or general pitch – it will be discarded.

Articles must be 100% original. Paid links or placements within articles are not accepted.

Our articles are meant to be inspirational while providing easy-to-follow advice for beginning campers. Articles are to be written in a conversational tone, with first person experience and second person advice.

Article placement, assignment, and pay are based on relevance to our audience. CTE does not pay for review articles, link placement posts, or article pitches used to secure a press trip. Camping Tips for Everyone does accept destination articles from hosted travel. This must be fully disclosed. We do not usually pay for these types of articles, though we reserve the right to reconsider this based on the completeness of the pitch and audience relevance.

Please do not send clips or links to other articles you have written; we will request those if we want them.

Pitches are reviewed once a month. Please do not ‘check in' on your pitch until at least 4 weeks have passed. Acceptance emails will include an offer of payment and general guidelines.

We prefer to receive pitches via email to
[email protected]
please include (pitch) at the beginning of your subject line.

Topics We are Currently Accepting
  • Articles targeted at people who don't like camping
  • Front Country Camping (101/ beginner article)
  • Best campgrounds in X location – based around a popular destination. Must include options for all camping types.
  • Tent camping essentials
  • The difference between Good Sam & KOA Campgrounds
  • KOA vs Jellystone campgrounds for families
  • Camping tips for (State Park)
  • Camping Guide for (destination) – See Badlands guide for overview
  • Specific gear guides – shoes, backpacks, tents, etc.
  • Simple & Delicious camping recipes. Must include at least 2 images.
  • Best glamping spots in {state/ province}
  • Camping tips for (National park)
  • Unique s'mores recipes

Please contact us with any questions.