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Campfire cooking | Camp & Cabin Cookbook

When you begin camping, campfire cooking can feel a bit intimidating. And, for a while, roasting hot dogs, toasting marshmallows, and wrapping the occasional chicken breast in foil is fun. But after a while it gets boring.

That’s when you begin searching the internet for new recipes. But, even then, you find the same recipes repeated on a dozen websites.

And you fall into a rut.

I was in that ‘same-food-every-trip’ rut when I was offered a copy of The Camp & Cabin Cookbook by Laura Bashar.

100 Recipes for Campfire Cooking

Written in a conversational style with amusing personal stories accompanying each recipe, The Camp and Cabin Cookbook is much like sitting with a friend and copying her recipes before a trip.

Camping Recipes for All Your Meals

I love that this book includes recipes for every meal- including snacks, sides, and even drinks! Each recipe includes a mouthwatering photo and easy to follow instructions. Recipes were easy to prep before our trip and quite simple to prepare at the campground.

My Favorite Recipes from The Camp & Cabin Cookbook

I spent about 6 weeks using this cookbook consistently. While I was no stranger to campfire cooking I did have to make a couple of the recipes more than once to get them right- cooking over fire isn’t an exact science, that’s for sure!


Campfire Raspberry and Rosemary Scones | Camp and Cabin Cookbook
Campfire Raspberry and Rosemary Scones
Foil-Wrapped Breakfast Bread Bowls | Camp and Cabin Cookbook
Foil-Wrapped Breakfast Bread Bowls


Skillet Pizza Dip | Camp and Cabin Cookbook
Skillet Pizza Dip

Main Dishes

Chorizo Meatloaf


Herb & Garlic New Potatoes | Camp and Cabin Cookbook
Herb & Garlic New Potatoes


Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie | Camp and Cabin Cookbook
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
Lemon Blueberry Clafoutis | Camp and Cabin Cookbook
Lemon Blueberry Clafoutis | Camp and Cabin Cookbook

Another thing I love about this cookbook is that there are ‘Home Cooking Method’ instructions for many of the recipes. Super handy when you don’t eat as much food around the campfire as you planned! The clafoutis mix went on two camping trips with us before I made it at home.

Campfire Cooking Tips

I’ll admit that when I got the book I immediately flipped past the cooking tips to the recipes. I wanted to see if it really would be different than other campfire cookbooks I had read.

It was, so I returned to the beginning. Chapter 1, ‘Setting Up Your Outdoor Kitchen’ is really an incredible resource if you’ve never cooked over fire. This chapter includes tips for building and putting out a fire, foil, cast iron, and dutch oven cooking, and an easy way to gauge the temperature of your fire.

Final Thoughts on The Camp & Cabin Cookbook

My family has loved every recipe I’ve made from The Camp & Cabin Cookbook. I will admit to being a bit intimidated by some of the recipes- they just don’t feel like they should be campfire food!- but the ease of preparation and the tastiness of the finished meal has made this cookbook an essential part of my camping food planning.

Campfire cooking | Camp & Cabin Cookbook

How do you cook when you go camping? Are you a KISS cooker, or do you like making more complex meals?

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